Mapping Your Risk Profile

It has been an interesting year to start up GPA and we are very fortunate to have assembled an outstanding team of senior professionals.  Corporations are going through a particularly interesting period of risk management at this juncture - significant movements in the M&A space, significant threats from cyber attacks and the move towards the next election cycle in the USA.  The great “wild card” of late has been the relative abundance of energy in the last 12 months, resulting in a strong reduction in energy prices and dislocations in the energy and commodity markets.  Political events in Europe and the Middle East have probably changed some travel and communication behaviors in the short term but they have not changed the fundamental move towards greater interdependence and integration of economies, corporations and organizations.

With all of these things happening, leaders at all major companies must get up each and every day and be prepared to compete and manage in their marketplaces with their unique technologies and services while navigating  interesting and fast moving challenges.  This is a time for courage and with courageous decisions, inevitable opportunities and risks arise and require management.  As we all know, the worst type of risk is the one you don’t anticipate.

At Garnet Peak Associates, we understand this and are ready to work with your leadership team and/or Board of Directors to give you solid, externally focused feedback on your organizational and technology needs.  Check out our “visual domain map” and consider us as a resource as you work through your 2016 Strategic Planning Cycle.

John Kent                          


GPA Domain Offerings - Contact us at

GPA Domain Offerings - Contact us at