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Welcome To Garnet Peak Associates, LLC

In complex technology businesses, risks can emerge from unexpected places.  If not anticipated and managed in advance, these risks can impact profitability and can weaken the viability of any organization.  

Garnet Peak Associates offers a team of highly experienced and technology savvy leaders who can help you identify and navigate Quality, Intellectual Property, Behavioral Security, Software Outsourcing and Leadership risks in order to identify and mitigate problems in your organization before they occur.

Our Story

The Garnet Peak Associates team hails from  Silicon Valley as well as locations around the USA.  GPA team members are experienced in leading large technical and business organizations and have a passion for listening, evaluating, formulating solutions and implementing actions that serve our customers' strategic requirements.  

We provide senior executives and corporate boards with thoughtful, independent feedback  building upon our multi-domain experience across the semiconductor industry.

We provide operational leaders the means to take a fresh & independent look at technology, yield & quality, technical staffing, software outsourcing and supply chain issues within your critical operations.

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